Yeats – Ice or salt?

“All that is personal soon rots unless it is packed in ice or salt.” Yeats

Poet Mark Doty says of this, “Of course the ice and salt [Yeats] meant was the power of form, the preservative element of language, which can hold a moment from the past, allow us to return to it, and allow us to give it to someone else.”

And for you? Ice? Or salt?




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6 responses to “Yeats – Ice or salt?

  1. Nice quote and post. Yeats is SO heavy.

  2. Salt – I’m so sick of ice right now, and I like pickles.

  3. No ice for me, I’m tired of being cold. Thanks for sharing the bit of Yeats!

  4. Hard to choose, but I think I might have to take the ice.

  5. I’m going down a moodle path considering what would happen using both ice and salt. What a mess. LOL.

    Nice blog – will stop by again.


  6. Katie Hines

    Ice AND salt, I guess that makes good ice cream!

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