“Every tree and plant in the meadow seemed to be dancing, those which average eyes would see as fixed and still.”  Rumi, Persian poet, 1207 to 1273.  

 I think often of the saying, “Landscape is character.” Chekhov, perhaps. How does landscape affect your characters or writing?





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  1. Landscape, the creation, the world – it has a profound effect on my writing. How can it not? The key is to observe, really SEE, and learn. To not be distracted by self-serving interests, picking and choosing the images to concentrate on, but see the WHOLE. Then it plays as Master of the pen as you write.

  2. Sometimes a book’s landscape or setting affects me personally more than it’ll affect the characters I’m painting. I was working on frozen landscapes and huge breaking waves in the children’s book “Storm Codes” during one summer, and it made me really anxious for my first Minnesota winter. I was right to be scared!

  3. In some of my stories the landscape is almost a character in the story (Heart of the Tengeri is like that) in others the story is all among the people involved. When I’m reading, though, I love it when the sense of place is really vivid.

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